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The New Man

UK Release Date Friday, 18 November 2016
Certificate TBC
Director John Appignanesi
Cast John Appignanesi, Devorah Baum, John Berger, Sophie Fiennes, John Forrester
Distributor The Creative Film Life Company


What started as a home movie became a committed project when Josh and Devorah found themselves unable to conceive. An endearing if ironic journey gets serious when life-threatening complications emerge. Their relationship is tested to the brink as they confront birth, death, love and loss all at once. A creative documentary about becoming a parent... and how to reconceive yourself. 
Fiction director Josh Appignanesi turns the camera on himself and his wife as they undergo the ordeal of becoming parents in the era of man-children and assisted reproduction. Faced with fatherhood, Josh spirals comically into an envious career funk. But life-threatening complications emerge - the couple are tested to the brink, confronting shattering losses. 
A portrait of our generation going through a revolution in reproduction - forced to find new ways to think about ourselves as creative beings. With contributions from writers, filmmakers and thinkers including Slavoj Zizek, John Berger, Darian Leader, Zadie Smith and Sophie Fiennes. 
Universal yet still taboo, a film for everyone who has children, wants them, or still feels like a child themselves.

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