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UK Release Date Friday, 21 April 2017
Certificate TBC
Director Mohamed Diab
Cast Nelly Karim, Hani Adel, El Sebaii Mohamed
Distributor Arrow Films


“Powerful … [a] darkly frightening vision of the lawlessness and chaos into which [Egypt] has descended.” – Hollywood Reporter

It’s two years after the Egyptian Revolution and with Cairo in chaos following the sudden ousting of its democratically elected Islamist president, the military begins rounding up protestors and throwing them in a van – with no regard for which side of the fight they’re on. Set entirely in the back of this van, Clash becomes a single, inescapable powder keg of fury and emotion. 

Writer/director Mohamed Diab (Cairo 678) has crafted a film of allegorical force and inventiveness. Clash takes Egypt’s political woes and transforms them into masterful cinema, running the gamut from urban thriller to political satire to all-in action film, while building to a shocking, savage conclusion.

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