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Ice and the Sky (La Glace et la Ciel)

UK Release Date Friday, 11 December 2015
Certificate TBC
Director Luc Jacquet
Cast Michel Papineschi (narrator), Claude Lorius
Distributor Curzon Artificial Eye


The story of a man who encountered his destiny, aged 23, in the Antarctic. The film will retrace his life‟s journey, from his first steps as a young glaciologist to the crowning moment of his glittering career - winning the Blue Planet Prize, the Nobel of environmental sciences. Ice and The Sky is an epic tale, in which science and adventure meet. “I have loved the great rivers of ice, the lagoons, the villages at the edge of the desert. I have loved the primordial forests of the Americas. But I believe what I have loved most is man and his ability to surpass himself in extreme climates. My name is Claude Lorius and I am 82 years old. I have devoted my life to the search for knowledge. It has been an extraordinary story of science and devoted men who have changed the course of the history of Mankind.”

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