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UK Release Date Friday, 05 February 2016
Certificate PG
Director Thierry Ragobert
Cast N/A
Distributor Kaleidoscope Entertainment


Unaware of the epic journey her beloved pet will embark on, a little girl bids her adorable baby monkey Sai goodbye as he boards a separate plane to their destination.

However disaster strikes after the plane crashes and the pilot flees. Sai suddenly finds himself torn apart from everything he’s known, stranded and lost in a vast and wild kingdom: the Amazon rainforest.

Born in captivity and facing a strange new world, Sai befriends a variety of beautiful Amazonian creatures and opens his eyes to the exquisite spectacles of forest life. Avoiding sharp-taloned birds of prey, venomous boas and luxuriously alluring big cats, will Sai understand nature’s danger and be able to find fellow capuchin monkeys in order to survive?

Join Sai on this magically enchanting jungle adventure, as he discovers love, family and one of the most magnificent wonders on earth. 

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