Asset Locker


UK Release Date Friday, 24 June 2016
Certificate 15
Director Omer Fast
Cast Tom Sturridge, Cush Jumbo, Ed Speleers
Distributor Thunderbird Releasing


Traumatized by an accident which involves "something falling from the sky" and leaves him eight and a half million pounds richer but hopelessly estranged from the world around him, Remainder's hero spends his time and money obsessively reconstructing and re-enacting vaguely remembered scenes and situations from his past: a large building with piano music in the distance, the familiar smells and sounds of liver frying and spluttering, lethargic cats lounging on roofs until they tumble off them...But when this fails to quench his thirst for authenticity, he starts reconstructing more and more violent events, as his repetition addiction spirals out of control.

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