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NG83 When We Were B Boys

UK Release Date Friday, 28 October 2016
Certificate TBC
Director Claude Knight, Luke Scott, Sam Derby-Cooper
Cast Annie McDevitt, Tommy Thomas, Karl Russell, Danny Hayles, Barry Shephard
Distributor Pipoca


A humorous and poignant documentary about how teenage obsessions shape the rest of our lives. ‘NG83: When We Were B Boys’ tells the stories of five inner city youths whose lives were linked through music and dance during the 1980s.

The characters reflect on how the Hip Hop/B Boy scene allowed them to escape the confines of life on Nottingham's council estates. But the fierce rivalry and wild energy of the scene eventually burned out as changing times caused their dreams to crash.

Then an unexpected tragedy leads to a reunion that gives them one last chance to recapture the past…

Containing previously unseen archive footage, NG83: When We Were B Boys is the first ever feature documentary to look at the 1980s UK B Boy scene. 

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